Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy Group Session

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

This immersive art therapy session is designed to offer participants a journey of self-discovery and expression through color and creativity. The session begins with a warm introduction, setting the stage for a supportive and inclusive environment.

The highlight of the session is the creation of a personal "Emotion Chart." Participants will develop their unique color emotion palette, which serves as a reflective tool, assisting the art therapist in providing tailored analysis and insight.

Following this, attendees are invited to channel their emotions into canvas, using a diverse range of painting materials provided. This process is not just about the art created but also about the story each color and stroke tells.

The session concludes with individualized feedback from the art therapist, offering participants a deeper understanding of their work and themselves. This thoughtful reflection is aimed at enhancing self-awareness and emotional well-being.

📅 Friday 05 April
🕒 5pm - 7pm
💵 900 thb includes all materials

📍 The Magic House Samui

Limited seats are available.
For bookings - WhatsApp +66 61 753 9713

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