Zodiac signs tea tasting and Astrology workshop

Zodiac signs tea tasting and Astrology workshop

Since ancient times, astrology has been used to help indicate your potential health issues. In India, when you go to astrologers, they would suggest herbal remedies, and lifestyle suggestions through looking at your natal chart. This branch of astrology is called medical astrology.

In this sensorial tea tasting & astrology workshop,

🌿We will be tasting 12 teas for the 12 zodiac signs. If you do not know your sun, moon or rising sign - I will guide you to how you can find this out.

🌹You will learn what the sun, moon and your rising sign indicates about your potential health conditions. What do they mean in medical astrology

🌿 We will start tasting the teas with Aries and end with Pisces. My aim for this workshop is to create a sensorial experience for you all. We will engage our five senses; noticing the colors, the smell, our intuition prior to tasting the teas and noticing the taste and after feeling upon tasting the teas.

🌹We can learn so much about plant medicine through engaging with our five senses. This is also a beautiful meditative and mindfulness practice that I love to integrate.

🌿You will learn about the specific herbs that I have intentionally created for each of the 12 zodiac signs; their physical, emotional and spiritual benefits and how they can act as a support to your zodiac signs whether it be your moon, sun or rising signs.

🌹You will leave the workshop understanding a lot about yourself, and gaining tools, knowledge and practices that you can implement on yourself right away.

A tea tasting journal will be given for you to write down your reflections as you taste the teas.

📅 Saturday 06 April
🕒 2pm - 5pm
💵 1200 thb

📍 The Magic House Samui

For bookings - WhatsApp +66 61 753 9713

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